Riding Instructor

The Red Pine Camp riding program teaches English balanced-seat riding.  We ride camp type horses on the flat in our arenas.  We use all English saddles and bridles with egg-butt snaffles.


  1. Sixteen years of age or older
  2. Current CPR and First Aid certification or willingness to obtain these (will be offered during our pre camp training)
  3. The ideal candidate:
  • Must possess knowledge and performance skills of balance seat equitation (English)
  • Horsemanship experience equal to or equivalent of 4-H requirements
  • Previous background of riding, training, or showing horses
  • Stable management knowledge and horse care background is necessary
  • Genuine love of teaching campers safe, correct, and required riding skills
  • Will partake in our pre-camp in-service training program of riding instruction and teaching

Abilities and Character

  • Enjoys people and horses and has a sincere interest in helping girls (ages 7-15) learn to understand horses and ride with confidence.
  • Demonstrates awareness of safety concerns with campers and handling horses.
  • Always uses appropriate treatment of horses.
  • Utilizes various teaching methods to address camper learning styles.
  • Demonstrates professionalism in class handling and all forms of daily riding instruction.
  • Possesses enthusiasm, creativity, flexibility, fun to be with and a good sense of humor.

Dress Code and Appearance

Safety of campers and horses is our primary concern.  Proper attire worn around horses contributes to a safer experience with horses.  Instructors serve as role models and dress professionally for all teaching and riding duties.

  • Either tall riding boots or short boots with half-chap
  • Breeches, jodhpurs, or riding tights.
  • Riding shirts, blouses, sleeveless shirts, or t-shirts
  • Riding gloves and work gloves
  • Riding helmet
  • Warmer riding attire for cooler days and inclement weather


  • Follow all Red Pine Camp policies and procedures
  •  Follow all Red Pine Camp Riding Department policies and procedures using the ‘Team’ approach.
  • School green horses before campers arrive.  (These horses are winter pastured and need a breaking-in program by riding staff the first week.)
  • Be familiar with all emergency procedures in the ring and on trails.
  • Follow Red Pine Camp Riding Program’s curriculum and creatively teach our riding level requirements while keeping safety of campers and horses your priority.
  • Attend pre-camp Riding In-service program and willingness to advance your own personal riding limitations.
  • Be familiar with riding records of returning campers and conduct new rider evaluations for class placement.
  • Be responsible to the Riding Director as teaching duties and stable management tasks are assigned.
  • Attendance at Riding Staff meetings for updates and daily scheduling.
  • Additional schooling of horses when necessary.
  • Daily maintenance of stable, horses and all riding equipment in a clean organized manner.
  • Setting up the barn and equipment during pre-camp as well as closure of facilities.
  • Learn Red Pine riding trails prior to leading campers on trail rides.


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  • 5+ Years Experience
  • Seasonal
  • $10,000 - $20,000
  • Date Posted: April 4, 2024
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