Farm Manager

JOB DESCRIPTION: Responsible for overseeing the care of all animals in the care of the program and farm repair and maintenance as needed 

ACCOUNTABILITY: This position reports to the Executive Director

REPORTS TO THIS POSITION: Horse Care Specialists, Barn Care Volunteers


  1. Overseeing the feeding of horses, chickens, goats and any other animal under the care of the organization. 
  2. Post feeding instruction in the feed room so equine care staff know current grain, medications and supplements to feed at each feeding. 
  3. Procure feed, medications, hay, manure removal, and bedding from approved sources as needed to ensure no disruption in care for the animals and program activities. Work with the Executive Director and Clinical Director to determine vendors to use and arrange for payment. 
  4. Contact horse sponsors to procure special feed, medication or necessary equipment for donor-sponsored horses as needed. Give a minimum of 1-2 week’s notice before it is needed.


  1. Arrange veterinary and farrier care as needed to keep animals healthy and sound. 


  1. Fill shifts for equine care staff or help arrange another person on the team or contractor to fill shift(s) as needed.


  1. Train new equine care staff on farm’s procedures, safety, expectations, mission and programs to ensure they are equipped to handle assigned tasks and animals and operate without disturbing programming, clients and program staff.


  1. Give immediate and specific feedback about performance to equine care staff as needed to ensure safety and high-quality work is performed. Discuss any negative behavior, safety issues, harsh treatment of animals, lack of quality work or excessive tardiness and/or absence from work immediately. Inform Executive Director if a second warning or discussion occurs regarding performance by equine care staff member. 
  2. Clean, water and drag the arenas or assign to someone who is approved to operate the tractor as needed to prevent excessive dust and hard footing 
  3. Ensure horses have access to clean, fresh water in stalls and pastures 
  4. Ensure all stalls are cleaned thoroughly and bedded as needed. 


  1. Ensure all manure is dumped in manure dumpster. order and coordinate dumpster swapping.  Notify Executive Director before ordering dumpsters to ensure payment is arranged. 


  1. Determine when blankets and sheets are required to keep horses comfortable in turnout or stalls and communicate with equine care staff. 
  2. Install and remove fans, heated buckets, heat lamps in chicken coop and other weather related equipment as needed to keep animals healthy and comfortable. Replace equipment as needed.


  1. Ensure hay is available in stalls and pastures to ensure horses have access to hay as needed.


  1. Ensure all gates, fences, stalls, arenas, round pen are in good working order and are repaired as needed. Keep a list of repair projects and assign to maintenance person or qualified volunteer to complete. 


  1. Sweep and cobweb barn aisles and tack room as needed to keep free of debris and looking good for clients and tours.


  1. Work quietly around clients, therapists or riding instructor when present. This may require adjusting your work to ensure privacy for clients working with a therapist.


  1. Identify future projects and process improvements that should be undertaken to improve efficiency or care of the facility.


  1. Utilize company technology programs including salesforce, Theranest, and Google workspace to manage and track horse usage, scheduling, and staff communication. 


EXPECTED HOURS AND COMPENSATION:  This is a part-time position, expected hours/week 20-25


QUALIFICATIONS:  Extensive horse experience required, including knowledge of horse behavior, working safely around horses and how to clean stalls. Ability to lift and carry 50 lbs. Ability to work independently and perform multiple tasks on time. Ability to supervise equine care staff and volunteers. Ability to operate a tractor or learn.



We are a small and nimble organization. Team members wear many hats. You will be expected to work independently, meet all timelines and perform all required tasks. We are looking for someone who can take initiative and keep the Executivel Director informed of any issues with the animals, equipment or facility that require additional attention. It is an opportunity for someone who wants to have a career in stable management or therapeutic horsemanship. 

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Job Details

  • Chesterland, Ohio
  • 2-5 Years Experience
  • Part-Time
  • $10 - $20
  • Date Posted: February 22, 2024
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