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If you are seeking an extraordinary summer of personal and professional growth, welcome! We are seeking you, too!

Camp Augusta is an 90 acre, non-profit, residential summer camp nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains of Northern California, and we offer a one-of-a-kind experience for campers and staff alike. From zipline canopy tours to dinner dressed as pirates and jewelry-smithing to horseback rides through enchanted forests, the days at Augusta are always full of imagination, laughter, wish, wonder, and of course, surprise.

Equestrian Director:

Camp Augusta’s equestrian program is small, including a herd of 10 horses. We teach a hybrid of English and Western and offer trail rides, horse care, and basic arena work. The goal of the equestrian program is to teach campers not just to ride but to love horses too, and to create an environment where campers can have fun and build self-confidence through the facilitation of horsemanship.

The Equestrian Director leads program development working alongside the Assistant Equestrian Director. In addition to running our program they are responsible for feeding & mucking as well as general herd maintenance. This role benefits from a person with a stable temperament who is able to adapt their experience, teaching style, and philosophies to camp and can provide their insight while being open to collaboration. When not horsing around, EQ staff will participate in camp programs, evening programs, and supply camp magic. Applicants must be 19 or older by May 2024, and have a CHA certification (or ability to acquire) or 3+ years of group lesson teaching experience. Sometimes, the program is run with two equestrian directors, if the skills are matched/equivalent. Preference for applicants who can return for multiple summers.

For a detailed description of Camp Augusta’s EQ program, check out our dedicated page: https://campaugusta.org/portfolio/wonderful_summer_camp_job_with_horses/


Think you have what it takes to lead and learn with us this summer?

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You can also read more about us and our open positions on our website. We can’t wait to meet you!

EQ Skills:

  • Is creative and flexible with implementing new programming ideas with horses – doesn’t settle for the norm, and sees potential for integration with other camp programs
  • Horse sense; understands each horse, their temperament, strengths and relationship with the herd. They use this knowledge to utilize the herd daily and match horses to riders and activities
  • Anticipates and manages risk with relation to the herd and the campers. Always has awareness, and balances acknowledgement of inherent risk while providing engaging programs
  • Love for working with and teaching children in a safe, fun, and intentional manner
  • Willingness to engage with the rest of the camp community to offer fun, memorable experiences even beyond the realm of the equestrian program

EQ Tasks:

  • Lead development and execution of all equestrian programming (predominantly Western riding style, familiarity in English style helpful)
  • Oversee ordering of all supplies necessary for thorough care of the herd, including feed and medications
  • Manage health and safety of a small herd of horses (9-10 total) for the duration of the summer, including feeding and mucking
  • Responsible for care and upkeep of all equestrian-related equipment, including ordering new gear as needed and approved
  • Accurately assess rider’s skill level to ensure a high level of safety in the EQ program
  • Learn local trails thoroughly in order to safely lead all trail rides throughout the summer

Dates & Benefits

Housing and meals are provided. Live in a cabin, yurt or treehouse! Meals are organic, locally-sourced and made fresh every day.

Staff must be at least 19 years old and available to work from May 13 – August 11, 2024. Staff training is 3.5 weeks long, followed by 9 weeks of main season camp. The pay for staff training & the main season is $6,000 to, with significant experience, $10,000, with hourly ($15/hr) and group (around $135/day) work opportunities available to work pre and post season. This work consists of assisting with family camps and school groups before staff training (April and May) and after the summer (August and September).

The depth of training and ongoing professional support you will receive as a Camp Augusta staff member (in the realms of education, personal development and communication, and activity skills) can offer far-reaching benefits for many other parts of your life.

More About Augusta:

When in your life has your work asked you to have an oatmeal fight, transform into a dragon, search your soul and encourage soul searching for others? Working at Augusta is an experience unlike any other. Our days are beautiful, demanding, inspiring, educational, hilarious, frustrating, silly, surprising, intimate, active and most importantly, full of opportunity. Our staff have ample opportunities to develop themselves personally and professionally. In our 3.5 week staff training and throughout the summer, staff can learn and practice progressive models of child development and counseling, communication techniques like clean communication and Nonviolent Communication, diverse leadership styles as well as how to live in a tight-knit community. Come with an open-mind, a trusting-heart and plenty of ambition, and leave with a soul on fire!

We are a residential summer camp that offers six sessions (3 week-long and 3 two week-long) playing in the sun with 90 campers each session. We are committed to fostering the innocence and imagination of childhood, and we aim to give campers time away from the distractions of modern life. From sleeping in open air cabins without electricity to replacing television and radio with camp songs and campfire skits, we give campers the opportunity to reconnect with the beauty and simplicity of nature.

Augusta stands proudly and equally on two pillars: play and personal growth. Play is the heart of our summer camp experience. Where camper’s dreams meet counselor’s know-how, Augusta breathes magic into every day. And just as important as the spirit of play, personal growth underpins every aspect of life at camp. Engaging deeply with our intentional community, both campers and staff have the opportunity to develop self-awareness, confidence, creativity, healthy ways of communicating and so much more!

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  • Nevada City, California
  • 2-5 Years Experience
  • Temp
  • $10,000 - $20,000
  • Date Posted: January 25, 2024
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