Equestrian Manager

Located in Miami Dade County Fl, the Ronald Reagan Equestrian Center at Tropical Park in Miami has been operating through the Parks Department.  However, the Parks Department is issuing a proposal for the center to go private.  I am looking to win that contract and need an experienced Manager/Director.  There are over 200 stalls, numerous jumping rings and event space.  I need someone who can manage the day to day operations, book and set up 30 events that have been annually occurring over the past 15 years.   Moreover, other events like farmers markets, car shows, concerts etc. may be booked as well.  You will be responsible for hiring and supervising the maintenance team.  You will need experience with Equine software, budgeting and financial oversight.


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Santas Events Inc.

Job Details

  • Miami, Florida
  • 5+ Years Experience
  • Full-Time
  • $100,000+
  • Date Posted: June 14, 2024
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